Wish you were here?

Morocco     |      February 2020     |      7 nights 

Hey special one! 

We created this page just for you! 

and a few other special ones just like you! 


To give you a personal invitation to come play with us in Morocco. 


This is not a sales page, pitch, or in any way vein attempt to get some money out of you or convince you that you need to come away with us. 

Consider yourself in Hogwarts and the sorting hat has put you into the 'perfect people' house for this adventure. 

We have done our magic and picked you to invite first, not only because we really really really like you (sing it!) but because there's something about this retreat that we believe will shift things for you in a big way, should you want to and be able to, join us.

The essence of the retreat is...

Our intention for you is...

If you want to see the, currently secret but actual sales page, CLICK HERE 

If we've piqued your interest and you'd like to chat to us about it CLICK HERE - you might even get a coffee out of us if you're close by! 

If as you've been reading this, you instantly had a friend come to mind CLICK HERE to cut and paste the link to them in an email, feel free to CC us too. 

With love and play, 

Ruth and Amy