True    You


6 weeks to get your body, mind and soul in sync, forever

You’re so close to the life you want


  • You can picture your dream life – and you know the power of calling it in

  • You believe change takes work and investment – you’ve done it already and seen some results

  • You know we co-create our realities – you’re signed up for consciously creating yours…


…but it’s just not coming together.

There’s something missing.

You’ve done some mindset work: you know the power within you. You’ve done some soul work: you’re open to receive and be the highest version of you.


But what about your body?


Maybe you think your body’s just here for the ride – not the important bit in your development journey?


Or maybe your ‘now’ body just isn’t part of that dream future. Secretly you’d be so much more confident if you lost a few pounds, or looked like you did when you were 21 (though, tell me, back when you were 21 did you truly believe you were rocking it?). If only you could lose the belly wobbles you’d lose the confidence wobbles too.

The Truth Is ...

  • Your body is how you show up in this world – it is a message to you from your soul about what is missing, what is present and what you have created

  • Until you establish an honest, loving relationship with your body – the one you have right now – the changes and dreams you set in motion will be blocked

  • You can’t fake your relationship with your body, or pretend it doesn’t matter.

  • It’s not about blasting your body into shape and hoping the rest will follow. Lasting change goes far deeper than your average bootcamp.


When your relationship with your body is as strong and deep as your mindset and soul awareness you will see incredible change. With one of the three missing, you’ll only get so far.

And that’s what 'TRUE YOU’ is here for.

To unlock the power of your body to complete the puzzle. And that’s when the magic happens.

Supported by Ruth over 6 weeks you will:

  • Get honest with your stories and beliefs about your body

  • Unlearn the thoughts and behaviours that block you from true friendship with yourself (hint – that includes your body)

  • Get deep into what it means to be a physical self – which is a critical component of understanding your spiritual self

  • Shed the shame, doubt and limitations that stop you going for what you want NOW

  • Open up to receive everything the universe has to offer from a place of genuine love for who you are and the body you’re in now

“Ruth is exactly the kind of coach I have been searching for – compassionate, challenging, energetic, insightful and most of all - FUN.”

Weekly Online Call with Ruth for intensive coaching

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True change is a choice – what do really choose?


You know this already – you’ve seen it yourself. Dabbling’s not the answer. Reading’s not the answer.


Doing is.

Ruth will hold you accountable - although it is better to think of it as having a sense of belonging and being seen for who you are -  as you dive in to a whole new relationship with yourself.

That means:

  • Calls are live and in person.

  • You’ll have homework (though this is nothing like school)

  • You get a 1-2-1 call each month with Ruth after the programme ends for up to a year to help you integrate everything you’ve learned, and to provide continued support.


This isn’t for you if you’re looking for the latest diet, quick fix or theory to absorb. 

This is probably not for you if you still think that losing weight will solve your problems.

This is not for you if you don’t want to go way down deep into what may be the darkest places of you, so that you can finally accept yourself wholeheartedly.

This isn’t for you if you still make excuses about why you haven’t started the transformation programs you have bought into before.




This is ABSOLUTELY for you if you want to put your WHOLE SELF into shaking up the fears and illusions you’ve been living with.

This is for you if you will not put up with going on another diet or believing the ‘quick results’ schemes out there.

This is for you if you have a deep sense that the body things you have been fighting are coming from something else that you haven’t been able to put your finger on yet.



Book a free 15 minute call with Ruth to discuss if TRUE YOU is right for you.

No sales talk, all truth!

  If you’re ready to turn your relationship with yourself upside down, feel the truth of what you’re capable of RIGHT NOW (not when you’re stronger, fitter, thinner…) and start turning that vision into reality, then you’re ready to get to unleash the True You.

“My life in the last six months has at times been unrecognisable compared to life before working with Ruth”

Why would True You be any different to any other coaching program?


TRUE YOU is a pioneering 6 week programme brought to you by playfulness coach Ruth Smethurst.


It’s full of Ruth’s wisdom from 19 years in the health, fitness and wellness industry, as well as her magical coaching insight that gets behind your words straight to the heart of where you’re struggling (even when it might feel a bit leftfield at first).


In her own words “I am a curious mix of military precision infused with the Namaste of a yoga instructor.”


So it’s called True You because it’s all about you, not some method or external miracle.  This is tailored to the women participating, with bonus support and deep magical insight throughout the programme to match.

Reset your relationship with your body

Reset your relationship with your life

Reset your relationship with the Universe


Know that this is your time.


Time for you to step out of the box, into the person you’re called to be.


Ditch the voices, including your own, that diminish you and put your body down.


Time to start LOVING who you are right now, and loving all the opportunities the universe throws your way as a result.


Life will never be the same again.


Body, mind and soul transformation



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