Your booking is only confirmed when we have received either your deposit (if option is available) deposit or your first payment for the event.

Your deposit is non-refundable. Not because we’re mean and nasty, but because we have to book and pay for some of the fun stuff we have in store for you in advance. If we find someone to take your place, we may be in a position to refund you but that can’t be guaranteed.

If any further payments are not received on time, we may have to offer your place to someone else. But hey – we’re reasonable people so will be in touch with you first to see if we can figure something out!

Full payment must be received 7 days before the event.

 Despite our shared love of chocolate buttons, We only accept real money as payment!


All travel arrangements to get you to and from the event must be made and the cost covered by yourself We trust you to choose the best form of transport to ensure that you arrive on time and don’t miss any of the fun. We shall not be held liable for anything that may happen en-route to the event whether that causes you a delay or means you’re unable to make it at all.

It is recommended that you DO NOT book any travel until you have full confirmation from us of your place on the retreat and that it is running during the dates you have selected. 


By booking onto our event you are deeming yourself to be sufficiently fit and healthy to attend and fully participate. Please inform us of any health conditions physical and mental so we can ensure the best for you and all others on the event. If you do have any injuries or health concerns, please do let us know prior to the event and we can help you manage them. If a certain level of fitness is required we will always inform you beforehand, but generally as long as you are alive and breathing well, you are fit enough for your Playcation experience!


If you need to make a cancellation this must be made in writing to us at: as soon as you know that you are unable to attend. Deposits are non-refundable. Any cancellation made less than 7 days before the trip runs will result in a loss of all fees paid. If you cancel within 30 days of the retreat, we can only refund you 50% of your payment. 


We reserve the right to make any necessary amendments to the event at any time but will always inform you of any changes. Any changes we do make will always be in line with the original intention and heart of our event. If it is an accommodation or location change we will always look for an alternative that offers the same feel. 


We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans and we do advise not to book any travel arrangements until you receive full confirmation of your booking from us. 



In terms of fulfilling a financial contract with us, the person who makes the booking is deemed responsible for all individuals named under that booking. That means that payments for the group must be made all together in a single payment, with the person who made the booking responsible for extracting the cash from their buddies!


If you do have any complaints or feedback for us we want to hear them and have a chance to chat them through with you. We ask that you put them in writing to and be open to discussing the matter further so we can resolve any issues and not leave any bad feelings lingering around.



It’s long and a little dull – click here to read the full version. But in essence…

We care about you and your details. We won’t ever share them with anyone unnecessary or do anything malicious and weird with them!  Some of the data we ask from you may be deemed as ‘sensitive’ but never fear – we have systems in place to protect that data and your identity. Anything personal you share with us is always confidential and if we need to store that data for the good of your experience with us, we will always do so with utmost care and protection.



We do take photos and videos during our events. It helps us with our marketing but we’re also happy to share them with you so you have fond memories of all we got up to. If you’d rather we didn’t include your face when we share our fun with the world, do let us know by ticking the box on the google form we send you with more info, details and random requests.



See event details prior to booking for specific details. But generally your fee will cover the cost of all activities, food and accommodation during the span of the event. Drinks may be an extra cost to you at day events – and travel to events is to be covered by yourself as well.


We ask you to provide us with emergency details which we will only keep for the duration of the event. These will be stored digitally and physically so we always have access should anything occur.



We commit to always holding a safe space for you

We will always accept you for who you are and encourage you to do the same for yourself.

We commit to always providing you with honest and kind feedback with any exploration sessions we do or where we have pushed your comfort zone, all we ask for is your honesty too, no matter how it may be perceived.

We always have your best interests at heart.

We will not share any of the information from our sessions with anyone else. The things you share during a session with us are confidential – unless there is direct physical harm to you or another person disclosed then we are obliged to share that outside of our sessions.

Should we want to use any outcomes, testimonials, positive feedback from your experience we will only do so with your consent.

We commit energetically, mentally, emotionally when holding a retreat and working with each person, preparing, connecting and creating for you before, during and even after the retreat itself. We do not take lightly this trust placed in us.



To turn up on time, full of excitement, anticipation, and ready for an amazing event. 

Trusting that you have chosen to take this time out, away from your family, friends, responsibilities, we ask you to let that all go and commit to allowing yourself to leave it all behind.  

During your welcome ceremony we hold a manifesto to set the intentions for the retreat. 

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