Makeover in Malta

5th - 12th March 2020

Earth Energy

Our 7 day 'earth' retreats are designed with a focus on the body to teach you how to play the best game possible for long term, vibrant health and happiness.  

We are all energy and our physical body and reality are a slower expression of that energy.  We spend the week in Malta getting ourselves up to speed by, reconnecting to ourselves, moving more, eating well and being pampered.

Of course anyone could do all these things for themselves at home.  But how many of us get round to focussing exclusively on ourselves for an extended period of time.  

Being on a retreat, away from the demands of everyday life, allows you to focus on you, notice what's been missing and what's important for your health and wellness 


In the beautiful setting of Malta, at a private Villa, you have the opportunity to connect with others on a similar journey to you. 


Whether you choose a luxury room of your own or to hang out with a room-mate for the week, you will laugh, learn and most of all love your body like never before.

Your body has so much wisdom to show you, the magic of Malta will reveal all.

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Eat, Move, Play

7 days and 7 nights jam-packed with activities to benefit your body, mind and soul. Interspersed with moments of magic, time to reflect and amazing scenery.  
You'll be nourished with professionally catered fresh food, nurtured by expert coaches who are there to support your life journey, made to feel beautiful by our pamper team and inspired to move in ways you never dreamed you could by a specialist movement coach.   (click the picture for more details of each feature)


What Others Have To Say

Leigh's testimonial of a playcation

Key benefits Steph found on her Playcation experience.

Steph came expecting one thing and left having discovered how to value herself, her health and her time more.  She now wants to find the inspiration to move more and be fitter by enjoying what she is doing.

How a Playcation experience has changed Leigh forever. 

Leigh came away for  weekend with us and got so  much more than she expected.  It continues to inform and transform her life today.

Highlights of the retreat for Sue.

Being reminded what it feels like to have fun and let go of what has been holding her back, has it the spark in Sue again.


An investment in YOU, your health, your relationships and your future


Deposit $400
3 Payments of $999

Pay in Full

Deposit of $400,
full payment due 30 days prior

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