90 Days to New Year

Following and Fulfilling Your Dreams for 2020 and Beyond

 We are fast approaching the last quarter of this year. 



This time of year can tend to have that feeling of trying to just stay upright and not catch a speed wobble as the year hurtles to a close.  Head goes down, the focus is on getting done all that needs to be accomplished, and start mentally and emotionally prepping for that end of year rollercoaster called Christmas.  Which is always swiftly followed by the expectations of new years resolutions.



This time of year can literally feel like the cheeseboard of the year.

We had the starter and main course and are nearly through the dessert when the cheeseboard comes out (the 4th course) and we just don’t know if we have room for any more!  But we sit there picking at it, wishing we had paced ourselves correctly.


This is the perfect time of year to start what most people will choose to leave until January. 


It’s a time of calling things into balance, clearing out what hasn’t worked and reconnecting to what looks, feels and sounds like your ideal life – or at least make a start towards it.

Is there something that you have been promising yourself you will get around to doing, achieving, becoming, or having but life has gotten in the way?


More and more I am seeing people have fabulous ideas and dreams, only to sideline those desires or give up on the dream because


They doubt themselves,

They are overwhelmed by the ‘reality’ they find themselves in,

Life responsibilities have blocked them getting started,

The options are numerous and the next small step seems unclear,

They talk themselves out of the idea bcause they have not travelled that road before,

They begin to look around at other people and the comparison kills the momentum of that dream,

They are actually in the process of fulfilling the dream but can’t see the wood for the trees,


What I see is passionate people who feel alone and unsupported in bringing their dream to life.


You are a creator – whether it be a project, lifestyle, business, community, ideas, art or new opportunities – it is in your soul DNA to create.  That is why you are here reading this now.



Looking Forward to 2020

Make It a Year Of:

Going Beyond the Resolutions 
Freedom to be You
Many Hands Making Life Work
Making a Difference
Feelings of Belonging
Tapping in to Your Magic
Calm Spaces
Heartfelt Joy from a Place of Confidence

Yes there is enough information, technology, opportunities out there for anyone to accomplish any dream they may have…


But the thing that is missing is support.

Knowing that someone has your back, that you can turn to someone when the doubt and uncertainty creeps in, like having your own personal cheerleader because they can see from an outside perspective what you might be too embroiled in to notice.

Knowing that there are people who are taking the same journey, experiencing the same obstacles, feeling the same uncertainties. 

They are travelling a similar path to you and also want to be seen, heard, understood and encouraged to dare greatly and rise with courage.

People who get it and yet don’t have personal expectations of you, or don’t know your past limiting beliefs so they won’t remind you of that story at every turn.

Another thing that is missing is belonging.

Some people call this accountability, but that smells of old school ‘getting in trouble for not doing your homework’ bullshit.  I like to think of it as belonging; a sense of being part of something that keeps you on track, knowing that your actions are seen, your words are heard and how you are feeling through this whole process is valid and understood.  This has far more impact on people taking action on their dreams than deadlines, lists and fear of failure.


And the third thing that is missing is MENTORING.


Having an expert eye to see your situation from an experienced perspective.

Someone who has travelled your road and can advise you on the journey.

A mentor who has access and ability to tap into what is going on in your energy and help you shift perspective, mindset and circumstances at any blockage point.

A catalyst to continuously inspire you toward and remind you of your dream, your choices, and your decisions to change, helping you through the small and large steps along the way

Now you may not believe right now that your dream is do-able.

That you are ready to bring it to life yet,

That circumstances are right for you to be working on it,


But if not now… Then WHEN?


How long will you sideline yourself,

Play it small,

Play someone else’s game,

Allow imposter syndrome to dictate when you speak up or not,

Keep apologising to others and making excuses to yourself?

Trying a little bit and then getting disillusioned when you can’t seem to get traction.

Plodding away but never quite being able to shift gear and feel the momentum of inspiration and clarity.


I am passionate about this because it aches my heart to see people denigrate themselves and miss out on their awesomeness because they have not had the chance to explore the possibilities.

And of course that is because it’s the work I am doing for myself too.


Bringing this kind of project into being is MY DREAM.  A dream project that supports the dreamers, the creatives, the ones you know they can do something that makes a difference in the world, the magical beings who have pretended for too long that they are average,



This is a well-held, magically guided and expertly facilitated group where you get to work on your dream – whatever stage it may be at.


Whether it be…


Remembering the fullness and passion of the dream, the buzz and inspiration for life that it brings you, and maybe no more than that right now.

This group will re-connect you to YOUR dreams and desires.


Growing your dream into a more expanded form so it starts to flower and drop seeds of inspiration and opportunities into your reality

This group will allow you to see with new perspective all that is available to you.


Grounding the dream into an action plan that doesn’t suck the joy out of it but sparks you into inspired action and magical serendipity

This group will be a catalyst for change and activation of your potential.


Connecting you, the dreamer, to others so that any feeling of being adrift alone, is met with being seen, heard, and supported. 

This group will hold you in a safe bubble of being known.

There will be a structure and plan to take you on this journey with the intention of re-connecting you to your dream, clarifying the WHY of your dream, feeling your dream, planning, strategising, implementing and opening opportunities to establish it in reality – all within the last quarter of the year.


I am not running this group to force achievements and create a to-do list carrying hustle monster.



I am launching this project to support who people are BECOMING and the dream is just an outworking of all the gorgeousness that has been pent up inside for too long!

From October to the end of March.  A group call every two weeks.


The investment for this is 

£101 each month or

£595 up front.


Beyond facilitating the group calls with creativity, magic and playfulness - you will have regular individual time with me.

My Commitment to you

What MORE!

Nothing is too far-flung, too inappropriate, too personal, too miniscule, too overwhelming, too obscure, and too weird to be brought to the space of this group.



All the work I do with clients no matter what area we are working on is done in a playful, creative and magical way…  and what I can guarantee is that whatever has felt heavy up til now will become light, whatever has been like a swamp will become a clear running stream, whatever has been hidden will be found, whatever has been damaged will be healed.


(This is a big claim, but this one I can stand confidently behind, because I know my dream and how I bring my skills to it, and I have a sense of you, and I would not be offering this to you if I felt like it was not something that may just resonate with you.)  This project, for me, is coming from a place of long-term investment in you and the impact you will have in the world, and the lifelong connections that will be made from this project.


I have another group running that began during the summer on a 6 month process looking towards 2020.  So I have had some experience and ideas and outcomes from that group, which will be informing the processes we embark on together.


I would love you to be part of this, because I see you and I believe in you.



This is HOW it will work – logistically that is. (don’t be freaked out if the tech is unknown to you at the moment, if I can use it, anyone can.)


It will be a 6 month journey – October to the end of March - prepping you for 2020 with hope, tenacity, and courage.


It will be group calls in ZOOM – where we get to know each other, mastermind, create together, idea-ate, remind each other of our desires and intentions, go through discovery processes as to what your real blocks have been, and listen to each other.  Because in the similarities and the diversity is where community is found, where belonging is created.


I will be available to each member of the group via voxer, whatsapp or email.


The first call will be in the first week of October and then a call every two weeks after that.  I will confirm all dates and times for calls once I have found what works best for all via a doodle poll.




Are you ready to shine, longing to make a difference, tired of towing the line and living in a system that feels off kilter to you… but you’re too scared, confused, unsure and feeling alone in this thinking to step forward into what you desire and what you dream of doing, being and creating.


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