The key to success with Diets and Fitness Plans

Is NOT: 

More Willpower

Another new diet

Hours upon hours in the gym 

There are some basic foundational components that most people are missing out on when trying to lose weight and get fit.  Which is keeping them in a  loop of frustration with their body and failure fatigue when the diet doesn't work.


Find out in our e-book how to go beyond the Diet and Fitness Myths and finally get your efforts to pay off.


This book is written from 18 years experience in the fitness industry. 


I have worked with countless number of people who were hell bent on changing their body but frustrated by their lack of success when doing what everyone else says should work.


I have discovered and proven that the 5 things I share in this book are essential to anyone's long term body transformation success. 

                          A Revelation of Health and Fitness

31 January 2018

This is an amazing book of personal health and fitness which is lived out and exemplified in the personal life of the author. This great book is a revelation, and needs to be read and applied by everyone concerned with personal health and fitness.

                          Thought provoking, honest and insightful

27 February 2018

It's so refreshing to have a professional say YES, the stuff you are being told is just marketing and it's designed to make you feel bad. I found this book really useful in terms of making me think about what I'm trying to achieve and why. And it also pointed out that maybe lack of sleep is more to blame that extra potatoes. Just saying...

A life time of self-criticism, deprivation, supposed failure, high hopes and a seemingly non-compliant body, I realised it wasn’t ME that was the problem. Well it was me but not in the way I thought. It was the things I had chosen to believe about diet and fitness that kept me trapped in thinking I was not good enough.

The essence of my learning about my body over the years has culminated in this ONE truth. I can, will and must take responsibility for my own body experience and in doing so nurture the relationship with my body that was missing for years.

If you're here reading this, you're ready to make a change or at the very least get curious about shifting or changing something about your body and mind-set. This book is designed to give you some ideas about how to create an awareness of your own body so that you can choose how you live in it best.

Ruth Smethurst - Author of Beyond the Diet and Fitness Myths, our best selling e-book 

Our aim is to give you the knowledge and the courage to stop listening to the marketing bull#@!* and to start listening to you, so that you can create the best of friendships with your body.


After all, it’s the only one you’re going to get so best learn to like it! It is our mission, passion and purpose to change the messages of the diet and fitness industry from shame, guilt and fear to positive encouragement and acceptance.


By shifting this belief in yourself, you also help to shift the beliefs of those around you and, perhaps even more importantly, have the power to impact the next generation.

There are 5 sections to this e-book. 


Each created to invite you to experience your body in new ways.   


The purpose of each section is to discover how to enjoy the process rather than rely on the result for your happiness. 


There's lots of learnings and also some tasks to play with.

  • This book is certainly not another exercise regime, diet programme or anything that will force you to change your body! 

  • ​It is NOT filled with bull#@!* advice that will keep you searching for more products, more information and in a constant spiral of body shaming and lack of self belief.​

  • ​It is a catalyst for freedom from being told what to eat, how to exercise and what your body SHOULD look like.

  • ​It is designed to give you some ideas about how to create an awareness of your own body so that you can choose how best to live in it.


to finally feeling successful with your

diet and fitness goals.

just £4.95

*far cheaper than another wasted gym membership!