Adulting got tough. 

Autoimmune disease struck forcing us to wake up and shift our lives drastically.

We needed to bring back our play.


Heal our hearts.

Re connect to our bodies.

And re birth our souls.

We are here as The Playcation Experience to help you do the same.

With a mutual fascination of the body, desire for our own freedom and a need to infect the world with far more playfulness, we come together on a mission...

To cure the world of the disease which seems to have so many gorgeous, vibrant souls trapped inside. 

To be the ones who share the message of body freedom, and guide you back to a loving relationship with the body you are in. 

To ignite the dreams of those who still hold them deep inside.  

To guide those brave enough onto a new path that feels fun and free for them. 

To create a world where the power of imagination is recognised as a catalyst for creating our desired reality where anything literally is possible. 

This is the world we are creating, want to explore it with us? 

Wanna play?

Ruth Smethurst

Amy Russell

Why Play?

Play has huge power, mostly untapped in adult life, but can benefit us in so manyways...(scientifically proven an’ all!)


1.Play naturally brings the body out of stress and overwhelm

2.Gives the chance to try things out without fear of consequences

3.It creates freedom from time and helps us to live in the moment

4.Switches on our creativity

5.Helps us to gain new insights and perspectives

6.Brings people together to offer new ways of being and connecting

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