Get your adventure on 

with a 5 day Playcation

For the dreamers, the creators, the unsettled...

The adventure you crave, on a deep soul level. 

The inspiration you've been searching for. 

The compass and map that will get you closer to your dreams.

You'll find it here with our 5 day Playcation

Far from the reality your day to day, this Playcation offers you the freedom to connect with the limitless possibilities of your life.

A chance to explore what makes you really come alive.


Looking out to the expanse of the horizon, you feel your tension melt away as you begin to take flight. Realising all that held you down is there no more, simply gone, from the moment you arrived.  

You are free. To explore. To play. To create. 

The flames of the campfire reigniting dreams and sparking ideas that somehow feel more tangible than ever before. 

You feel yourself return to your true spirit as you begin to embrace your quirks and believe in your weird.


You are accepted. You are loved. You are unique.

Free your limitless potential. 


Expand your horizons. 


Create a new world. 

For too long now, you've been feeling unfulfilled.

The stagnation of your adventurous soul, causing frustration as you feel caged in. 

The tension continues to build inside as you know you want to be making a difference. 

Yet you remain hopeful for a not so far away future that feels accomplished and exciting. 

What's the remedy? 

As the eagle flies and gains a birds eye view of all his surroundings, he too, allows his heart to open and guide the way. 

Play. Explore. Create. 


Let your imagination run free 

Awaken the innocent and curios spirit inside 

Desperate to discover and create 

A world of dreams from the potential 

That only you see, with your very own eyes 

register your interest and we'll let you know when the next retreat is coming up 

With 5 nights away from the humdrum of your current reality, you are free to create the new. 

Filled with exciting activities that provide the body and brain stimulation to kick off the inspiration and allow your creativity to run wild. 

Surrounded by inspiring people to share your days with and bounce ideas off. 

You'll connect to a deeper sense of self and gain the trust needed to take the next steps forward to your brighter, more successful, future. 

You'll do all of this..

Land games, sports and activities

Water acivities 

Visualisations and meditations

Walking / trekking

Team games and challenges

Creative arts

Physical challenges

Camp fires 

Star gazing 

Catch the sunrises and sunsets

Learn the art of journalling 

Get fully connected to your body 

Begin positive habits that will drive change 

Game plan sessions 

Imagination play 

Thinking sessions to expand the mind 

and of course loads more! 

With all the feels of summer camp, mixed with entrepreneurial Hogwarts, and topped off with wisdom and expertise like those of Dragons Den, you'll be sure to experience a life changing adventure! 

Sounds like your kind of thing? 

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Feeling a deeper sense of self and your appreciation for life return, you know that you have what it takes to continue your adventures. 

With a clear mind and an open heart, the world no longer seems so harsh. You are more confident and although you don't want to leave you can't wait to get back so you can take some action. 

The dream has been ignited and your courage is ripe, your world is expanding before your very own eyes. 

You've now got a bunch of cool friends who will keep an eye on your progress and nudge you back to your path as you stumble and wobble. 

With a map in your hand, and a compass in your heart, how many more adventures will you create, with your unique art? 

The best bits...

All adventures included in the price 

All food is cooked for you

Relaxing in a stunning location 

Making new connections with fun people 

Feeling encouraged to dream and think BIG

Returning home a changed person 

Escaping the dullness of life back home 

Having a game plan for life that is tailored to you and the way you play best 

Sharing stories around the campfires 

Bringing light to the innate gifts you have and gaining confidence to share them

Learning new skills

Overcoming the blocks that prevent action 

Feeling, once again, the buzz of life 

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