Repair, Restore, Revive 

with 3 days in nature

Next dates: 26th - 29th September 

        21st - 24th Nov 

 Retreat back to the heart 

of nature, of you, of why you're here.

A 3 night retreat where self love is the medicine for fear, overwhelm, grief and uncertainty.


The serenity of the water to restore your equilibrium 

The breeze of the ocean to blow away your cares

The crackling fire to warm your heart

The beauty of the rising sun to deepen your appreciation of life

Your mind and body return to peace,

you let go,

you breathe,

you relax. 


With no noise to wake you, other than the chirp of the birds and the gentle knock on your door that says your coffee is ready. You rise slowly, taking in the view and bathing in the peace and calm of your retreat surroundings. 

With no-one else to tend to, you have nothing to do other than enjoy the moment. You can allow your mind to settle, shoulders to drop and body to begin to completely relax. Breakfast is made for you, and after sinking a little deeper into your body through some guided breath work, it's time to nourish more than just your body. 

In the company of a small group of women, where friendships are formed, you can ease into the day ahead, knowing that you are lovingly held and ready to explore coming back to you.

South West UK

May 30th - June 2nd 

Just the retreat you need?

26th - 29th September - South West UK 

(*airport/train pick ups available from Exeter/Bristol)


This is a calling for you to come back to the centre of you. Restore true well being and receive a sense of balance and calm, from which creativity can once again awaken.


It is time for a brain rest and the mental space to see and sense new possibilities far beyond the stress and worry that overcomes you right now.


Feel a smile return to your face and your soul, see your posture lift and know you can once again cope with all that life brings your way.

This restorative retreat will: 

  • help you to let go of anxiety, worry, stress

  • drop the constant highway of the mind

  • allow your body to recover from the stress of everyday life 

  • create a new emotional set point for your return home where you'll feel lighter and much more at ease 

  • bring about a deeper connection to yourself and ability to care for your own needs 

  • bring your hormones into balance 

  • transform your energy and allow it to flow 

  • feel more grounded and connected to your physical body and to mother earth

Nestled in a beautiful house away from the hustle and bustle, with stunning views surrounding you, you'll feel instantly at home.

With the peace and quiet of your own room, you can enjoy three whole nights of undisturbed sleep, your body won't be able to thank you enough!

You'll have the comforts of home and your every need taken care of as everything - yes everything - is done for you. We will be encouraging you to switch off completely from all tech to enjoy your own freedom and bring you back to your natural rhythms and the experience of heart centred human connection. 

Each evening will bring us together to dine in a gorgeous setting with a stunning view. Giving us the chance to reflect on and celebrate the day.

Restoring your body with naturally healing foods - those good for the heart and soul too - you can rest assure that you will be well fed by our team.

Find your balance and flow on the water - we will be doing water activities. 

What better way to bring your emotions back into balance than to get out on the water and explore the natural beauty of the coastline.


You will never be forced to do anything you are feel unsafe about.  However we will create opportunities and ways for you to explore adventure, fun and flow throughout the retreat.

We will spend time on the water, in the water and by the water.  The depth at which you choose to get involved is always up to you.

I need this

What more? ...

You'll be greeted at the house mid afternoon on the Thursday before enjoying a calming and grounding walk in nature to get your bearings and settle into your new surroundings. Your first day will finish with a gentle evening meal, allowing the time and space to get to know one another as you are introduced to some of our Playcation retreat processes.

Friday and Saturday are two whole days with us.  

Departure on Sunday will be after a final lunch together. 



all food (all pre-arranged dietary requirements catered for)

all activities

down time to be by yourself

all resources 

extra surprises along the way 


You'll experience...

  • Walks along the beautiful coastline  

  • Meditations and visualizations 

  • Body Connection Techniques 

  • A trip out to kayak the waters 

  • Alone time in nature without anyone or anything 

  • Thinking environment sessions 

  • Fireside ceremonies and celebrations 

  • Story telling and sharing 

  • Water activities and games 

  • Breathing and grounding techniques 

  • Banquets, picnics, alfresco dining

  • The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets 

  • Hands on healing and energy work


your travel to and from the house 

a small charge for airport/station pick up will apply 

a cute puppy to take home 


love the idea but unsure if it's for you...

Book a free 15 minute call here

During down time you'll have access to the expertise, wisdom, magic, healing hands and hearts of your retreat leaders Ruth and Amy. Specialists in body mapping, mindset shifting, energy work, healing, and of course gamifying anything!


These two, individually and together, have a very unique quality they bring to the work they do...

Previous Playcationers said:

(See excessive number of video testimonials below)

"The world needs to see the PLAYCATION magic and all your amazing special voodoo powers. Thank you for showing me a way to be myself, forgive myself and play again. Your gifts are many and I feel honoured to have shared in them."

"Wow, just wow.

Thank you for giving me the tools to do and think what I want and need to. 

Came here a husk and leaving full. Still hills to climb but now I have rope...

Thank you for your inspiration, joy and overall wonderfulness."

If this is for you


Meet Your Hosts

Together, Ruth (left) and Amy (right) created The Playcation Experience, a well renowned retreat company living the values of freedom, energy and connection.

An experience to bring you back to the heart of you, in a way that makes you come alive and remember who you truly are.

They believe that everyday was made for play.  Yet in their experience they have seen this modern society suck the natural flow out of so many gorgeous women, leaving them feeling overwhelmed, in a constant state of stress and completely disconnected from their bodies.  

Their combined expertise in all things body magic, energy work, hands on healing, mindset shifting, and unconventional but deep and transformational coaching makes them the perfect retreat hosts.  Always delivering above and beyond what you think you'll get from your experience.

Watch out, your life may be changed forever! 

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